Tow Policy Advocacy Fellowship Host Site Application

Returning Host Sites:
To be considered to continue hosting a Tow Policy Advocacy Fellow, please upload an updated application. All portions of the application must be included in a single Word document or PDF and must be uploaded by 5pm on Monday, July 24, 2017.

New Host Sites:
To apply to host a Tow Fellow for the 2017-18 academic year, address the prompts below and upload your application by 5pm on Monday, July 24, 2017. (Please label each portion of your application as detailed below. If possible, submit your application in a single Word doc or PDF. Include additional attachments as needed.)

Please organize and label your application as follows:

Organizational Overview:
1. An overview of your organization’s mission and programs, including annual budget, staffing, major sources of funding, and organizational chart of the branch or unit where the Tow Fellow will be placed. (Submitting existing organizational materials as attachments is sufficient.)

Mutual Benefit:
2. An explanation of your interest in hosting a Tow Fellow, including current projects or organizational focus to which the Fellow would contribute. Please describe how your organization will provide the Fellow broad exposure to both the management of the organization and the larger public policy field in which it operates. Finally, please describe the benefits to the organization and the Fellow from placement, and how the host site will help develop the Fellow’s policy analysis, policy research, policy advocacy, leadership, and communications skills.

Tow Fellow Placement:
3. A position description tailored for the Fellow, including primary responsibilities, ideal qualifications, and scope of services to be rendered. Please include the days/times at which it would be most helpful to have a Tow Fellow on site, and please note also if any travel is expected. As a guide, we consider the following to be important professional development experiences for Fellows, and will look for a range of these and similar opportunities in the position description: exposure to the legislative process, participation in public meetings, meaningful interactions with policy networks, writing, public speaking, stakeholder engagement and analysis, data analysis, client-based work.

4. A description of infrastructure capacity to host a student (e.g. office space, computer, phone, as required to accomplish assigned tasks).

5. Current resume, contact info, and title for the staff member who would provide primary supervision and be the liaison between the organization and the Fellowship.

6. A statement of commitment written and signed by the Fellow’s prospective supervisor, indicating that he/she will meet with the Fellow at least bi-weekly to provide guidance, feedback, and any necessary support.

7. A signed letter of support from your organization’s Executive Director, including contact info, expressing his/her support of this application to host a Tow Fellow.