Fellowship Initiatives

The Prisoner Reentry Institute facilitates a range of fellowship programs, designed as mutually beneficial endeavors both for our student fellows and for the service organizations that host them. PRI is proud to implement these fellowships in partnership with some of New York City’s leaders in the fields of youth justice and public policy advocacy.

Part of John Jay College’s mission is the goal to educate fierce advocates for justice. Among our student body we find future leaders eager and anxious to use their academic learning to make a contribution out in the world. Accordingly PRI developed fellowship programs that not only provide that opportunity to our students, but that also enhance the capacity of non-profit organizations across the New York City.


Fellows gain hands-on practical experience through service learning placements at a growing network of partner agencies throughout New York City. In addition to providing students with valuable work experience in direct service and advocacy, these fellowships build the operational capacity of their host organizations by providing them with students who are both rigorously trained and continuously supported throughout the placement period.



The experience Fellows gain through their field placements is supported and enriched by academic coursework that provides a foundational understanding of the relevant theoretical literature in their fields, as well as placement-specific skills such as youth counseling and policy analysis. Our practicum courses provide a robust educational experience and equip students with the necessary skills to be employable in their field of choice.


Professional Enrichment

PRI provides a range of professional enrichment opportunities to its Fellows, including workplace skill development, leadership training, and interpersonal effectiveness. As part of professional enrichment PRI also hosts the bi-annual Pinkerton Youth Symposia, which engage practitioners, policymakers, and scholars from across the field of youth justice in a lively discussion on relevant issues pertaining to court-involved youth. Alumni services are also available to our Fellows in order to support their pursuit of advanced degrees and employment.

These three components contribute to the experiences of students in the Pinkerton Community Fellowship, Pinkerton Graduate Community Fellowship, Tow Policy Advocacy Fellowship, and David Rockefeller Fund Fellowship.