College Initiative’s 15th Anniversary

Dear Colleagues,

We are celebrating College Initiative’s 15th Anniversary.  CI was founded in 2002 by Benay Rubenstein  and later led by Michael Carey.  In 2015, CI became a program of the John Jay College Prisoner Reentry Institute’s Educational Initiatives portfolio.  We currently have the honor of working with over 300 students attending 20 different CUNY schools and a number of other institutions in the area.

CI is a robust and growing community of scholarship and peer support. College Initiative thrives because of its students.  It is our students who do the most effective outreach to potential students, who designed their own mentoring program, and who are creating a dynamic alumni network for themselves.  Our students are leaders participating in every meaningful aspect of criminal justice reform in the City, and contributing to public life in incalculable ways.

We are so grateful to the many partners who make our collective success possible: the students and their families; the faculty and administration of CUNY and the many colleges that enroll our students; the funders, like the Pinkerton and Ford Foundations, and the CUNY Black Male Initiative; the agencies that have served as CI sponsors over the years, like Episcopal Social Services and the Fund for the City of New York; our governmental partners like the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision; and, speaking personally, to the PRI staff whose commitment to student success regularly produces miracles.

Thank you for being part of this incredible community and sharing this celebration of excellence and accomplishment with us.

Ann Jacobs, Director
John Jay College Prisoner Reentry Institute