The sixth episode of Reentry Radio comes from the April 2015 Occasional Series session on intimate partner violence. Keynote speaker Louisa Gilbert, LMSW and an Associate Professor at the Columbia School of Social Work, presents her research on WINGS, a computerized intervention that address IPV among clients under community supervision. Discussants at the event included Brenda Davis, Aruna Krishnakumar, Virginia Lasoski-Nepa, and Laurie Leitch. The session was moderated by Ana Bermudez, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Probation.

Reentry Radio: Consequences for Communities

The fifth episode of Reentry Radio comes from the March 5, 2015 Occasional Series session on mass incarceration’s consequences on American communities. Keynote speaker Dr. Todd Clear, Provost Rutgers University-Newark presents his research “Predicting Crime through Incarceration: The Impact of Rates of Prison Cycling on Rates of Crime in Communities.” His groundbreaking report explores the question of whether the effects of mass incarceration increases rather than decreases neighborhood crime rates. Dr. Clear is joined in this discussion by Julio Medina, City Councilmember Jumaane Williams, Kate Rubin, and moderator Kevin Barnes-Ceeney.

Reentry Radio: The Global Overuse of Pretrial Detention

The third episode of Reentry Radio comes from PRI’s December 2014 event featuring Martin Schoenteich, author of Presumption of Guilt: The Global Overuse of Pretrial Detention. Mr. Schoenteich’s presentation is followed by comments by David Marshall from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Jose Luis Morin, John Jay College Professor of Latin American Studies. The event was co-sponsored by the Open Society Justice Initiative, United Nations Development Programme, the Master of Arts Degree Program in International Crime and Justice, and the International Criminal Justice Program of John Jay College.

Reentry Radio: Thinking About Racial Disparity

The second episode of Reentry Radio comes from the October 2014 session of the Occasional Series on Research in Reentry. The event featured Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt, Stanford University Professor and a recent recipient of the MacArthur Genius Grant for her work on racial profiling and bias. Dr. Eberhardt is followed by John Jay College Associate Professor Maureen Allwood, John Jay Distinguished Lecturer Marty Horn, and Slate writer Jamelle Bouie.

Reentry Radio: Children of Incarcerated Parents

The inaugural episode of Reentry Radio comes from the September 2014 session of the Occasional Series on Research in Reentry, which focused on children of incarcerated parents. The episode begins with a presentation by Dr. Sara Wakefield, co-author of “The Prison Boom – Mass Incarceration and the Future of American Inequality”. Dr. Wakefield is followed by commentary and discussion by a distinguished panel of experts including Jean Kjellstrand, Tanisha Douglas, Tanya Krupat, and Deborah Sills Iarussi.