Adopting a Growth Mindset

What: Adopting a Growth Mindset with Marissa Jackson
When: Monday, April 8th, 1:00 to 4:30pm
Where: John Jay College, New Building Room 9.64 (524 West 59th Street)

Attn College Initiative staff, mentors, and alumni: Educational expert Marissa Jackson will be leading a guest workshop on the growth mindset, academic tenacity,  and coaching skills for working with students.

Marissa Jackson has over 16 years of experience building engaged, achievement-focused academic communities. As an educator and social worker, she brings over a decade of experience working with youth, teens, and families in K-12 and non-profit settings and six years in Higher Education administration. As a Professional Developer for Advisement in the CUNY Start/Math Start program, she supported practice communities of advisors who teach college knowledge and self-advocacy skills, rooted firmly in the principles of universal design, self-determination, and critically conscious practice.

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